Mommy Time

Running a business can be challenging enough, but when you are a mom it doubles—no triples the whole affair. So how can mompreneurs survive? Let’s look at one of the most important things you absolutely must do to keep your sanity and your business intact. Setting boundaries.

If your children are toddlers, you will have to either get another adult or teen to watch them while you work or give them things to do that will keep their little minds and hands occupied. I don’t recommend you give a toddler anything like finger paints or you might come back to find your walls embellished with their works of art. However, books, toys, and games are always a good bet.

For older children who understand simply set a rule. This is mommy time and unless it is an emergency she is not to be disturbed or interrupted. Not even if Aunt Alice is on the phone.

Each day you need to do at least two things to keep your business afloat. So, you will need to set aside at least one hour to accomplish them. When you set a specific schedule to work it is easier for your family to remember.

An added bonus to having a specific time set aside as work time is that it will keep you on schedule too. Sure, there may be times you will have to deviate from your schedule, but just knowing you have one hour each day already allotted for work will motivate you to use that hour wisely.

by Ginger Marks

Ginger Marks is an author, publisher, and digital designer. She has won numerous awards for her books and businesses. When she can pull a few extra minutes, you’ll find her writing articles for the likes of and Huffington Post. For more Words of Wisdom from Ginger be sure to sign-up for her monthly ezine at

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