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    Stroller Safety for your babies and toddlers

    If your infant’s stroller is recalled because of a safety issue, will the manufacturer be able to contact you? Do you know how to keep your child safely transported? Find great tips in this article by Dr Karl Neumann […]

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    How to resolve conflicts

    “No, I’m not going to agree to that!”
    “Well I’m not going to agree with what you want to do either!”
    Does this type of conversation sound familiar? Have you been involved in a war of words or ways? Perhaps you have found yourself facing one or many of these types of conflicts: personal, emotional, work-related, political, racial, socio-economic, physical, or spiritual. […]

Fitness for Busy Moms

  • Getting an exercising schedule can be a struggle for anyone.
    But for moms, squeezing in workouts can be almost impossible!
    How are you supposed to find time to work out when you can’t even go to the bathroom undisturbed? […]

  • Now that the New Year is officially upon us, many of us have started a diet plan and begun a new fitness program. With all this excitement to commence our quest for a “NEW YEAR/ NEW YOU,” many of us have neglected to take the time and define our starting point. […]

  • How are you doing with your fitness resolutions? If you haven’t even gotten started, don’t worry. It’s never too late to begin that fitness journey and this is a great tip to help you get organized before you get started. […]


Featured Expert

With over 106 million female drivers on the road looking to save money and get their Vehicle to go that extra mile, Audra Fordin understands. Fordin, owner Great Bear 164-16 Sanford Avenue, Flushing NY 11358 a licensed/certified technician, 1st female, 4th generation owner of her family's auto repair shop, founded in 1933 is always speaking to women using her unique approach to demystify the automobile by correlating the car to the human body while educating on the basics of auto maintenance in a fun, friendly environment. FREE Workshops are available at Pledged Auto Shops nationwide. She is also married with 3 children!


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