Healing Emotional Trauma

Emotions, trauma and abuse can keep us stuck in the past where we cannot heal. Learn to live in the ‘now’ for complete healing,

Emotional trauma does not only cause you to stay in negative thought patterns and ruin your lives… it also affects your physical body and brain. The health of the body declines from the constant negative thought patterns and the release of harmful hormones into our cells. People stuck in emotional trauma are keeping the traumas of the past alive by reliving them constantly.

There is mounting evidence through research and findings that our minds can actually heal our bodies. This is a whole new way of thinking for many people. But think about this — what does run your body? How does it know what to do? How does it know to breathe automatically and repair and fight off bacteria and viruses? The brain runs the body but the mind influences the brain. We can change our brain function through mind control. If our brain gets stuck in traumas and the emotions attached to those traumas then it will keep us in the habit of only feeling those negative emotions unless we put a stop to it.

Beliefs and the Body

The body will believe anything that is presented to it as a perpetual memory. Your mind can also keep you in ill health and pain or it can heal you. It works both ways. Whatever you think — you are. If you get up every morning and first of all groan and say to yourself “oh no, another painful depressing day” — then it can’t fail to be another painful depressing day. You not only created it, but your mind is doing this. You alone can ‘change your mind’. We all have this facility. It is ours.
Healing is beyond the physical — which is why your doctor cannot necessarily help you. Disease can be a learned behaviour. If you suffered emotional trauma or abuse in the past then what is affecting you is that your brain is keeping those feelings and that pain in your present life.
When you are meditating on healing your pain your thoughts are changing into feelings. The ‘feelings’ start the healing from within. Remember that repetition brings results. Your brain has ingrained habits that it does not want to let go of. Repeat your changed thoughts and feelings many times a day to see positive changes.

The conscious mind is only 25% of the whole. 75% is the collective unconscious. The conscious mind is only on duty during waking hours. Judgement is suspended in the unconscious mind.

Script Writing

If your dreams are not what you want then you can change them. Start to do script writing. Use a journal. Write and read a script of how you wish your life to be. Read it and add to it constantly and directly before going to sleep. Keep reading the script until it seems your reality is like the script. This can then manifest into your physical world eventually. This can work for everyone, especially those who put their full passion into the strong belief in how to change their world.

Use this script technique in your life. You can bring a new ‘beginning’ not just a new ‘ending’. How it works is that you are changing the old pathways in your brain. Whatever you focus on will be your world. It is universal law whether you believe in it or not. Most people follow the mass population habit of always thinking about and visualising the bad things in their life. This habit begins and takes hold because when you are going through what seems to be very bad situations and life events — your brain tends to keep your thoughts on the bad stuff going on. Make an effort with script writing and changing your brain pathways into always only thinking of the life you really want and the way you see your life when it is perfection in your own eyes.

Let Go of the Past

It is essential to let go of the past if you want to heal your emotional trauma because while you hold fast onto the past and keep it in your now there can be no healing. You are holding onto it and your brain habits are controlling you and your life. You can work with a professional psychologist or you can learn to do this letting go yourself. Either way you must put the work into it and be determined to realise what this past emotional trauma actually was. Once it is over it is in the past and it doesn’t currently exist. It only still exists because you are keeping it alive.

Addictions are Emotional Trauma

There are multitudes of addictions in the world today. Many people are even unaware they have them because the main addictions of heavy drugs, sugar, alcohol, smoking and gambling are what the majority of people think of as addictions. But they are present in most people in some form or another. There is also emotional eating/comfort foods, the people in your life, high carbohydrates, prescription drugs, non-activity and harmful habits that creep into people’s lives through emotional pain. There is also shopping, credit card over-use, payday loans and habitual negative thought patterns. Many of these addictions are not even thought of as addictions. Our daily habits that do not help in our health and welfare are all addictions of some kind or another.

Changing Your Outcome

The human brain adapts to circumstances. You only have to tell it your new circumstances and once the pathways are forged it will be a new habit and the new lifestyle eventually becomes your new habit. In the meantime, it is practice, practice and more practice with the new thoughts. 
Our brain also works better by habits. Habits are the pathways in the brain. So to be healthy and change your life all you have to do is change the bad habits to good habits. After an adjustment period, your body and brain can’t tell the difference just so long as you’re following a habit.
If it was a person or an event that traumatized you in the past and kept those negative damaging emotions going around your body constantly then you need to look at the event without emotion. See it as ‘gone’ and see the person or event as ‘owning’ this trauma. Not you. It’s gone for you now and you can safely let it go.
It will not be a quick fix if it has been a negative habit for a very long time. And even if it was more recent then it is more clearly stuck in your mind for this reason. I go deeper into this healing in my book ‘Surviving Fibromyalgia’ at www.choose-to-heal.com.au


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