Child struggling with numbers? Try Abacus Math Training Online!

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Learning math is a pain point for many school-aged children and busy parents alike. For the past 10 years, I’ve been running a children’s Abacus Math learning centre in Canada. During this time I’ve seen hundreds of students come to me frustrated, discouraged and hating math.
I’ve also had the pleasure of changing their minds, and their outlooks.
Math Online with Abacus Visual Arithmetic
Unlike traditional math education, which can be daunting and abstract, Abacus math online
using a visual calculation method relies upon the manipulation of an image (an abacus on the
screen) rather than the intangible arithmetic processes. So, because the students can see the
mathematical process, they are able to draw upon right-brain resources, resulting in dramatically
increased memory, speed, and comprehension.
In fact, students who previously experienced difficulty in school-taught math find they can learn
math quickly and easily with the techniques they learned in Abacus math. All students will be
able to do math in their mind without using any tools. Students who are already advanced in
math can expect to develop the math skills that they cannot acquire from a traditional school.
Students who develop self-discipline through the support from their teacher and parents see the
most success in the Abacus Math training program. Best of all for busy moms, both parents and students will see incredible improvements in as little as 15 minutes a day.
The Benefits of Learning Math Online With Abacus
Abacus has been shown to increase more than a child’s mathematical abilities. Abacus also
boosts comprehension, brain-wave responsiveness, fine motor and listening skills, and most importantly, confidence.
I’m a mother, and I know just how much confidence can affect a child’s ability to learn. I also know how busy life can get and that complicated, demanding programs don’t work long-term.
That’s why this program is perfect for parents looking for an innovative, customized online math
program that both champions and challenges children exactly when they need it, and can fit
easily into your schedule.
Features of the online Abacus program include:
● Live virtual lessons
● 1:1 support and interactions with a live Abacus teacher ● Small class sizes
● Personalized lessons for each student
● Fun and develop self-disciplines at the same time Each live class is 1.5 hours once a week. After that, children can learn and practice
independently in small, 15 minute chunks that fit easily into your day. If you have a child between the ages of 6-12 and would like a free trial of Abacus, I’m offering a
complimentary class for students now in collaboration with Busy-Mom.Com Magazine. Register for the next trial lesson by emailing [email protected] Subject: Abacus class


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