Mompreneur: Leading By Example

One thing the majority of parents can agree on, is that raising a child – nurturing him/her and helping to shape him/her into an adult – is the most rewarding experience of a parent’s life. I was not sure I wanted kids, and I was informed that I would be unable to bear a child of my own due to a necessary procedure I had undergone for health reasons, but then six years ago, my little miracle came along and I gave birth to my very own son. It hasn’t always been easy, we’ve had our fair share of trials and tribulations, but we persevered and I am a better mother and person for it.

Like most mothers, I want the best for my son. I want him to grow up to become someone I can be proud of, and when he grows up, I want him to be proud of me too. Whether it’s raising my son orrunning my own business, I do my best to lead by example – so that I can teach my son how to become the best version of himself. I have found that the best way to do that is to constantly strive to be the best version of myself, which happens to be a strong, successful working woman.

In my experience as a single mother, as well as a small business owner and entrepreneur – or as I like to call myself, a mompreneur – I have found that owning and operating a business is a lot like raising a child: it takes patience and persistence, as well as love and dedication, and my job is never done. My company, e-Council, is my second child – I have nurtured and grown it from a one-woman run (i.e. only me) enterprise, writing business plans for start-up businesses, to a small, well rounded team of experts quarterbacking the entire business visa immigration process. In other words, my company helps people achieve their personal version of the American Dream. And, more recently, I launched my first
product-driven business, ScaleUPCheckUP, an online business success assessment tool for businesses in ScaleUP mode which assessment serves as the gateway to an entrepreneur’s version of “Home Advisor”
comprised of pre-vetted professional experts in their respective fields at-the-ready to provide collaborative services to busy business owners.

Just as with raising a child, running a business is no easy feat. I have faced many challenges and struggled to overcome a myriad of obstacles along the way, but I endured. I pulled through and cameout stronger and better in the end, and my son has been right there with me, watching and learning through it all. As a single working mom, my son has a strong role model for empowerment; he has seen me get up and dust myself off many times after falling down. Most importantly, he’s seen me at my worst (I am only human after all), but he has also witnessed me as I strive to become the best mompreneur I can be. By owning and operating my own company, I hope to teach my son the value of  hard work and to never give up on himself, so that one day, he too can realize his own personal version
of the American Dream.

About Lauren Cohen Esq 1 Article
Global entrepreneur and #1 bestselling author Lauren A. Cohen is an attorney licensed in both the U.S. and Canada. Lauren is an expert concierge immigration and business legal advisor boasting a stellar track record of success. Lauren has first-hand knowledge of the visa process, having herself immigrated from Canada in 2001, and later becoming an American citizen in 2012. In 2008, Lauren started e-Council Inc. an internationally-acclaimed company focused on providing concierge strategic full-service solutions for businesses seeking capital and foreign entrepreneurs seeking access to the U.S. market. Continuing in the tradition of sound strategic solutions, ScaleUPCheckUP is Lauren’s newest initiative - an online risk assessment checkup tool for growing businesses in ScaleUP mode with the overriding mission of anticipating challenges before they happen. Designed in response to the challenges faced by so many entrepreneurs that simply do not understand the critical importance of proper professional guidance, and/or are afraid that the costs of protection are too high, ScaleUPCheckUP is poised to revolutionize the professional services industry and the way in which collaborative professional services are delivered.


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