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How does the time fly so quickly? 

There are so many things that you achieved this summer yet there is so much yet to do. How do you decide what to do next? Productivity! 

Many of us have tasks, assignments and their prioritizing down to a tee while many of us could still use some assistance in this area. The goal in this months article is to share a few tips that have helped me.


One of the key items is to do your “list” the night previous or choose a weekend day/evening to create a daily “list” of priorities for the week ahead. This “list” is always subject to change as hours, appointments and the like may be added or removed during this week. That being said, I go to my digital calendar, write down the appointments, projects and times for each day. For each day, I have three (3) columns listed. Home, Business & Real Estate. Once that is completed, I prioritize the items that are most important within each column. I use a 1,2,3 numbering system. Then I set a specific amount of time that I believe each task will take. How do you determine which items are most important? If there are things that have been on your list for several days, do those first to give yourself a huge kudos at weeks end.

Prioritizing will depend on you and your family. I place family first always & whatever surrounds them. Next would be my clients for either business & so on. If you are really having challenges, set a timer on your phone, computer, stove or whatever you have that will get the job accomplished!

If there is time, the items listed on each column will be color coded. Such as purple is for family, green is for income producing activities, yellow is for chores at home... you get the idea.

As things come up during the week you should know where you can add them on a daily basis. In order to distinguish the items that are non-negotiable on my “list” or paper calendar, these items have a red box drawn around them so I will remember that they are set in stone. Does this always work? Not 100 percent. I do my best on a daily basis to meet the needs of my clients & friends. Ultimately, if there is a date night on the schedule, it is set in stone!!!

Be prepared to relax

Knowing what your day and week looks like is extremely important to run your time efficiently & effectively. Being prepared the night before releases a lot of stress or commotion and gives you a calm, prepared day ahead to enjoy each moment of living your best life! If a day does not go as planned, do not get down on yourself, life happens to us all! Do your personal best daily! Go Create Your Best Life!

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