Exercise scheduling tips

Photo - Mom and child pushups

Phot0 - Mom and child pushups

Scheduling exercise can be a struggle for anyone.

But for moms, squeezing in workouts can be almost impossible!
How are you supposed to find time to work out when you can’t even go to the bathroom undisturbed?


  1. Start YOUR day early with exercise
  2. Plan your day!
  3. Don’t worry about what you’re wearing. You can work out in Pj’s!
  4. Walk at lunchtime after eating
  5. Include animals and kids!
  6. Make the Jungle Gym a Bootcamp
  7. Eat healthy so you have energy
  8. Invite your friends for motivation and accountability
  9. Gym Class for them is also gym time for moms!
  10. Take it slow!
  11. Make a Home Gym, anywhere, you don’t need fancy equipment, you can get exercise classes streamed on demand at home! Just move!
  12. If you work at a desk, make sure you get up and move around frequently
  13. Get support from your friends or professionals and on Busy-Mom.com (Ava, Owner of Busy-Mom.com was also a Beachbody Coach, and I’m a Plyoga instructor!)
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Mina Nevradakis is a Certified Personal Trainer through The American Council on Exercise, a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and a Certified Instructor and Master Trainer for PLYOGA® Fitness. She also holds various specialty class certifications and stays on the cutting edge of the latest research and developments in fitness. She is the fitness expert for Busy-Mom.com

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  1. I have plans to do a workout routine last year but i failed. 🙁 I really really need to do this now and start to live healthy. I work at a desk and sometimes i don’t have time to move around frequently and i can really feel that there’s a lot of toxins in my body and that needs to come out. Thanks Mina

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