All about Spam Mail

Should you open Spam Mail? NO, Don't be tricked.

All about Spam mail and how to get rid of it.

Spam mail also known as junk mail, is unsolicited bulk messages sent as a Email that are Usually advertising, sometimes false advertising, less important and may have no use to us. Spammers use spam mails to conduct fraudulaunt  activities like stealing from big companies and individuals.

A Spambot is a program used to obtain people’s email through the internet by a spammer, and use the list to send the emails with an expectation of a reply from some of the recipients.

Spam mails may be sent in various forms:

Spam may come as;

A huge discount of products

Offer from Banks

As a document attachment

As a Lottery Prize.

For large companies, spammers direct their attacks on servers and important company information. As for individuals they target on stealing personal information or to blackmail an individual, or use important information such as bank cards to steal from a person.

Many email programs will organize your email for you, but you still have to check your spam, bulk, and junk mail because often you will see emails there that should not have been whitelisted. Whitelisting means that you are telling your email program what emails are important to you. Usually whitelisted emails are not scanned for spam, phishing or other threats. Contacts in your contact list or labeled as important or primary, are usually safe.

Spoofing– Is when you receive emails where the address looks similar to one you already receive, such as banks, credit card companies, big stores, etc.

How to stop spam mails

1.    It’s wise to choose a hosting service provider that will have an email filtering service.

2.    Also, individuals may block and report spam mails to avoid getting them in future.

3.    Whitelisting important mails. Do not whitelist entire domains, even company ones.

4.    For the health care industry- Be careful of anti spam programs the automatically block emails with words like medical issues or prescription names. This is a HIPPA concern so you must check your spam box often to check for missing emails

5.    Train the email. When you see spam, hit the spam or junk button, and block sender.

6.    In extreme cases, use a 3rd party spam blocker. More on these in another article

7.    Write your email address in Longhand like ava at avahosting dot biz

8.    Don’t click on spam emails or urls

9.    Set up strong passwords

10. Turn off Preview Panel

With this brief educational article, you can avoid getting into traps from spam mails and keep your information safe.

Let me know how helpful this is to you and what more we can discuss in upcoming articles in the comment section below.

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