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Out with the old…

December 31, 2016 Meg - Beauty Expert 1

I turned to the drawer. You know the one. The product grave yard filled with free samples you are saving- (for what??) and expensive jars that you spent good money on but didn’t deliver. There is probably a pair of crusted over mascaras in there. An maybe a few color choices that didn’t make it out of the compact to your face. I hear you. You feel bad tossing it. But hear me out. Is it worth the space it is taking up in your drawer? […]

Family Articles

How Does A Mom Do It When Her Husband Works and Lives In Another State?

The family was intact for a few years, but the husband gets an attractive job offer in another state. Attractiveness comes from job description and salary. In order to accept the job, the husband cannot continue living in the same house with his family, because the daily commute would be too strenuous, expensive, and time-consuming, This dilemma is a tough one, because the husband has a job close to home, but does not like that job and wants to look for another one. […]