6 Signs You Suffer from Auto Anxiety

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6 Signs You Suffer from Auto Anxiety

Most people procrastinate when it comes to taking care of their car. This is not okay. You need to know procrastination is the first sign of auto anxiety. If it goes unchecked, it can quickly transform into a full-blown case of auto anxiety. If you want to be a safe driver, look out for these six signs that you suffer from auto anxiety.

1. Do you assume all mechanics are out to get you? It is completely illogical to believe all mechanics are bad people. Yes, some mechanics are scrupulous and might take advantage of uneducated consumers, unfortunately, this isn’t exclusive to the auto industry. Some people are scammers and that a fact of life we have to accept. Some people are willing to rip you off and no industry is exempt from this fact. There are dishonest doctors, plumbers, and lawyers, too. Have your information and high expectations of the mechanics you choose to hire, but don’t automatically assume they are out to get you.

2. You get oil changes much later than suggested. Getting an oil change and necessary maintenance at the recommended time is one of the cheapest ways to protect your vehicle. Complaining about that small cost is a symptom of short-term thinking. Would you rather pay a few dollars for a cheap service now or risk paying a much higher amount for an expensive repair later?

3. You aren’t prepared to deal with auto-related expenses. Auto anxiety is often a direct consequence of a failure to prepare. I hate to break it to you, but your car will definitely need to be repaired sometimes. You might as well brace yourself for this reality. If you have more than ten pairs of shoes in your closet, then I am confident in your ability to save enough money for this purpose. Simply save 5-10% of your paycheck every month and put it in a separate account that is difficult to access (hint: this will make it less likely you will be tempted to spend it).

4. You don’t investigate strange noises and dashboard lights. If you only heard a strange noise one time, then it might not be worth worrying about. If you hear that same noise several times, then you definitely need to get it checked out. Your safety is more important than the amount of money in your bank account. Go see a mechanic as soon as a problem presents itself.

5. You think a problem will go away if you ignore it long enough. There is nothing to be gained from ignoring auto issues. I know you might be anxious due to a lack of funds, but procrastinating will only make your problem worse. Neglecting a damaged car part will only result in a more expensive repair. Look at it this way. Is saving $100 today worth doubling your risk of having to pay $1,000 tomorrow?

6. You haven’t even read one page of your “OMV” Owners Manual for your Vehicle. Cars aren’t as complicated as you think. You don’t need to be a car expert. You just need to be mindful and considerate of your vehicle’s needs. Reading your the owner’s manual that came with your vehicle (OMV) will arm you with knowledge. You’ll discover a suggested maintenance schedule, the meaning of dashboard lights, and more. For more general information, browse through this blog to your heart’s content (don’t forget to subscribe for email updates and I’ll make sure you never miss a post!).

It takes time to get over auto anxiety, but any woman can become car smart as long as she is open minded and patient with the learning process.

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