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In 2009 Ava Boudi (Formerly Barzvi) took over the day to day running of BUSY-MOM.COM . Ava is an Internet  marketing consultant and website services provider with products like domain names, web hosting, email, marketing, building and promoting websites, web development, even graphics and digital marketing.. anything you need for your websites and internet business since 2000. See the web services page! Her business website is http://www.avahosting.biz She was a work at home and homeschooling single mom to her daughter Jaclyn who is 28 and married now! She was a 24/7 caregiver for her grandmother, who recently passed away. For 28 years Ava has been devoted to helping other moms with their online and home businesses, and with their personal lives with the groups she has started to help single moms.

She and Busy-Mom.com now have a group called SMILE – Single Moms In Loving Entrepreneurship, and members who can help them free, no obligation! Contact us if you need help or would like to help a single mom. She is also a community leader with her local community groups and events she organizes in New York


Resident Groovy Grandma

Nancy was a nurse and caregiver, mother of three grown children, and young work at home Grandma. She is the go to person for advice on woman’s health and happiness, as she has many life experiences. She is a woman of honesty and integrity, and she we will tell you the truth, if you like it or not! We like to call her The Grandma of Busy-Mom.com! She is like a Mom to Ava! Nancy is very important and volunteers her time every day on the site greeting members, sending Happy Birthdays, posting messages, and giving her great advice in the groups and in chat.  She is also the Admin of the Busy-Mom Grandma’s Facebook page. Nancy resides in Canada and works as a Virtual Assistant and online english as a second language teacher.

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Meet the Staff and Experts

Busy-mom.com has many visiting Busy Mom Experts who volunteer their time to run groups, present on chats and webinars and give great advice to other busy moms, so we will know what to do! If you are a mom and a professional who can help other moms, please contact us and we will find a place for you here on Busy-Mom.com !

There are a couple of dads volunteering with us
until we find moms to do it! 🙂

They are not on the private member areas.


Lauren A. Cohen, Esq.

Globally-recognized entrepreneur and #1 bestselling author Lauren A. Cohen is an international transactional lawyer licensed in both the U.S. and Canada. Lauren is an expert concierge business legal advisor boasting a stellar track record of success. Lauren has first-hand knowledge of the visa process, having herself immigrated from Canada in 2001, and later becoming an American citizen.




Karl Neumann MD

Busy-Mom Pediatrician

Karl Neumann MD is a Pediatrician, Travel medicine practitioner, AND Journalist.
RETIRED – Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Weill Medical College of Cornell University RETIRED– Clinical Associate Attending Pediatrician, New York Presbyterian Hospital–Cornell & Columbia Medical Center, New York, New York.


Audra Fordin

Auto Expert

With over 106 million female drivers on the road looking to save money and get their Vehicle to go that extra mile, Audra Fordin understands.
Fordin, owner Great Bear 164-16 Sanford Avenue, Flushing NY 11358 a licensed/certified technician, 1st female, 4th generation owner of her family’s auto repair shop, founded in 1933 is always speaking to women using her unique approach to demystify the automobile by correlating the car to the human body while educating on the basics of auto maintenance in a fun, friendly environment.  FREE Workshops are available at Pledged Auto Shops nationwide.


Mina Venezia

Busy-Mom Fitness Expert

Mina is a Certified Trainer at PLYOGA Fitness, XSport Fitness Garden City and at Total Fitness Merrick, in Long Island, New York.
Stay tuned for great videos, articles and tips with Mina on fitness and getting healthier, as well as Fitness classes and events in the NY area!

Expert Headshot Heather

Heather Paronto

 Customer Service Expert


Heather Paronto lives in Arizona. She is happily married, has an adult daughter, son-in-law, three amazing granddaughters & 3 four legged children.  In her spare time, She is a Realtor and has a home based business selling Seacret mineral beauty products.  Having many years experience in the service industry, she has learned how to treat clients, customers, those in business, as family & friends. It all boils down to giving outstanding customer service EVERY time.


Photo - Meg - Beauty Expert

Meg Santonacita

Busy Mom Skin Care Expert

Meg is a mom to 2 preschoolers and runs her own skin care business. She is also a high school science teacher married to another high school science teacher. Meg strives to stay organized, eat clean, and be a dedicated parent without losing her mind. Meg lives in central New Jersey.


Ginger Marks

2 female & 2 male Godchildren; 1 stepdaughter; 2 step grandkids 1 male and 1 female. I am an award winning publisher, author, and digital designer, (yes, in all three categories) and live in Florida with my husband, Philip. I love helping others and have the honor and privilege to offer advice to busy moms trying to manage a business and family needs all at the same time. Check out my articles on Busy-Mom.com!




Nina is a celebrity photographer who helped pave the way for the Start-up Evolution. She began her extensive career with just one Polaroid instant camera in the heart of Times Square N.Y. Now she is Director of Photography for Busy-Mom.com ! She is a single mother of a 17 year old son. Suffers from PMDD. A Domestic Violence Survivor. Fluent in English & Spanish with roots dating back to the Yumac Tribe of Camuy Puerto Rico. She resides in Queens, NY.


Lee Ann is a self-published Christian children’s author. Her series, Adventures of the Sea Kids, published by GLM Publishing LLC, has won numerous accolades. Lee Ann is currently an adjunct professor at South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary. Her mission is to create content tha helps families solidify a strong foundation in Jesus at an early age. Lee Ann also speaks to women groups regarding the redemptive power of the gospel represented through the types of brides of the church.



Busy-Mom Group moderator

Gema is a single mother of a 19 year old daughter. She grew up in Philippines and is now living in Australia. She works as a Bakery Assistant and is a devoted Catholic, She will be moderating the Austrailian Moms, Catholic Moms, and Filipino Moms groups.

Yadira V. Calderon

Yadira V. Calderon has been eating, breathing, sleeping, challenging and accepting autism for the past five years. She is a dedicated warrior, advocate, radio talk show host, director of short films and author of the soon to be published – Autism: The Happy Kingdom. She holds a M.A. International Relations and Diplomacy, speaks three languages and has lived in six countries, having traveled to another twenty-seven.  Mother of ten year-old Thomais.


Coral Callaghan

Author and Healing Therapist

Coral Callaghan is a chronic disease survivor (healed) who has studied bodywork, counselling, emotional release and massage at Mettes Institute, in Kin Kin, Queensland, Australia. She has written 5 books on healing chronic disease and sells from Amazon, iBooks and her own website. She runs one-day workshops from her local area.



Dianne Maroney, RN, MSN

Dianne Maroney is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing. She is the founder of The Imagine Project, Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps kids, teens, and adults overcome challenging life circumstances through expressive writing. Dianne is a thought leader in the area of stress and trauma in children. Her simple, yet profound 7-step writing tool, now used by schools across the US, gives kids and teens the opportunity to rewrite a challenging personal story and Imagine new possibilities in its place.
Dianne is an international speaker and author of several award-winning books including her most recent is, The Imagine Project: Empowering Kids to Rise Above Drama, Trauma, and Stress (Yampa Valley Publishing, 2018) won 1st place in the CIPA Evvy Awards in the Parenting division. Her first book The Imagine Project: Stories of Courage, Hope and Love (Yampa Valley Publishing, 2013) won multiple awards including the coveted Benjamin Franklin Award for nonfiction titles. Dianne’s children’s book, Byron the Caterpillar Who Loved to Imagine (Yampa Valley Publishing, 2017) is a gift to all who read it, and Your Premature Baby and Child (Berkley, 1999) was written after her daughter was born extremely premature. Dianne lives outside of Denver with her husband and has 3 grown children.



Sylvia Cooper 
Sylvia Cooper Domestic Violence Advocate


Sylvia Cooper is a Domestic Violence  Survivor. She has a teenage daughter, adult son and became a grandmother to a boy in 2019. Her daughter has been the helicopter mom, but she realizes that too shall pass.

She is a person who is positive about every aspect of life. 

Sylvia was born in Zimbabwe, until she migrated to the United Kingdom in the 90’s, where she met her current husband of 22 years. She earned her RN degree in the UK, until moving to the USA in 2006 where she earned a BSN and later a MSN in Nursing Administration, which she cash flowed allowing her to live a debt free life.

She saved her life by leaving her abuser. Slowly she transitioned from a victim to a survivor and now a thriver. As a domestic violence survivor herself, she is very passionate about helping domestic violence victims. She is certified as a Sexual Assault advocate in the state of Texas and trained to provide direct services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and their children. 

Through sharing her experiences with domestic violence, she hopes to inspire, encourage and ignite that thing in women like her that says, if she did it I can do it too. She also helps victims remove themselves and their children from toxic relationships. She knows that her path isn’t everyone’s path, but hopes it will be inspirational.




LaChelle Adkins

  I am happy to provide insight to empower women to transform their mindset and overcome limiting beliefs. As a mother of 15, I believe it is important to have the ability to follow your own truth and live the life that you desire. I have overcome depression and 3 hospitalizations and I now am clear about my purpose and how to help other women be their best version of themselves.I love being a mom. For years I believed that being a good mom meant living my life on hold while raising my children. After my own struggles, I have learned to live life with my kids. This has been illustrated so clearly with the global pandemic.


Florida Advertising Sales

Ava, Bret, Jaclyn, and Buddy (and Trixie, not pictured)

Busy-Mom Audio/Visual Consultant

Bret consults and sets up for audio/video presentations, and is Ava’s husband! Jaclyn is their daughter, and she helps with website design! If it wasn’t for them, Busy-Mom.com would not exist or be continuing!

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