7 Tips To Be A “SuperMom”

7 Tips To Be A "SuperMom"

By: LaChelle Adkins

I used to answer yes to everyone of those questions until I learned how to empower myself for success. As a mother of 15, I struggled with my own mental wellness for 13 years. During that time I was hospitalized three times due to giving away my control, people pleasing and seeking validation from others. 

I am happy to say that I learned how to overcome that dark time and maintain a life that is depression free. I was fortunate to achieve this after my journey of self reflection that helped me to create my own “fresh” start philosophy. More about that on next months article.

I am now able to use that knowledge to share insight with other women to live their best life.. 

 I would like to share 7 tips on how to be your own “SuperMom”. My days are filled with juggling many tasks with marriage, family and career so I have learned 7 ways to keep it all together. This is not a quick fix, however with time and consistency you will notice a positive change. 

  • Know yourself. What are your values, goals, likes, passions. Be clear on where you stand on topics and it will be easier to speak your truth.
  • Collaborate with others. You can accomplish a lot more with others rather than doing it alone. This can apply to household  chores and business. This allows you to divide the work, increase exposure with promotions, etc.
  • Build a tribe. Create a community of like minded people who can hold you accountable and help you accomplish your goals. There will be good days and bad days yet a tribe will help lift you up during those adversities.
  • Master your skills. Continue to learn and remain relevant in your industry. Seek diversity in ages, gender and philosophies so that you are able to quickly pivot or innovate when necessary.
  • Schedule self care. “Put your own oxygen mask on first” famous words on the airplane. Many of us struggle with following this advice. You have to focus on you so that you can give to others.
  • Implement a sleep routine. Rest, repair and refuel. This is achieved with proper sleep. Set your alarms for bed. Put your phone on do not disturb and go to sleep. 
  • Take action. If you notice that you desire to strive for a new goal then create a plan to achieve it. Make the investment in a coach, mentor or a business partner to get started. The beginning is the hardest step so set up strategies to move forward with consistency.
  • These are 7 ways to begin being your own “superhero”. I would encourage anyone to work on one item at a time with a small task that is done consistently that will help create momentum that will lead to positive results. If you would like more insight please email me at [email protected] and put busy moms in the subject line. 

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I am happy to provide insight to empower women to transform their mindset and overcome limiting beliefs. As a mother of 15, I believe it is important to have the ability to follow your own truth and live the life that you desire. I have overcome depression and 3 hospitalizations and I now am clear about my purpose and how to help other women be their best version of themselves. I love being a mom. For years I believed that being a good mom meant living my life on hold while raising my children. After my own struggles, I have learned to live life with my kids. This has been illustrated so clearly with the global pandemic.

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